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Travel Tips

There is no single rule that can be applied to all travel situations that will give you the best value for your travel dollars or optimize your travel experience. A good example of this is when travel advisors suggest that you book reservations early. This is true when the properties in a particular area expect to a high occupancy rate at a particular time. In this situation you can expect to see room rates increase as the date draws nearer and more rooms are booked.

A good example of this is New Years Eve spent at the New York City Hotels. This event, in this location, rarely sees a decline in visitors and most of the time booking early is a good idea. However, there are web sites that argue that not all of the rooms are sold for a particular event or for a particular time and that they can get you lower rates. This is a risky strategy and does not always pan out. It literally pays for you to be experienced in how well an event sells when it comes up and places that are nearby a particular event.

New years Eve at Las Vegas Hotels is not so certain. This is due to the current overcapacity and the fundamental nature of Las Vegas's appeal to travelers - gambling. Going to Las Vegas and getting the best room rates is situational and depends on the number of conventions that are booked, special events such as fights, and holidays.. 
1. Book early if the situation is appropriate. Read the article to the right for more information about this topic.

2. If you have kids check for places that have a kids free offer.

3. Keep in mind that even though some places say 'Pet Friendly' most places charge for pets. Look for pet charges if you want to avoid them.

4. Weekend rates tend to be higher at destination resorts and lower at places that cater to business travelers.

5. Be aware of cancellation policies. Some properties charge a cancellation fee no matter who you book reservations through. Please read our cancellation policies as our fees protect you against the 10-20% cancellations fees charged by most of the larger chains. 

6. Plan your trip by finding out as much about the location you want to go to before you get there. Make an itinerary.

7. If you are driving long distances you might want to check out the Interstates and Highways Guide. 

In this guide NetRooms.NET lists cities and towns along interstates and highways. This will help you plan your trip providing lists of hotels along these routes.

8. When NetRooms.NET  lists the hotels and motels in a particular location beneath the address is listed some or all of the
amenities for each property. When you click on a property NetRooms.NET provides photos, a location map, and more information about that property.
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