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Help - General questions and issues related to the NetRooms.NET web site.
Most people are familiar with how web sites work and really don't need any help. Web designers try to make the web site they design easy and intuitive to use. NetRooms.NET strives to be an easy to use, intuitive web site. This is why we solicit comments and suggestions from our visitors. This section of NetRooms.NET addresses questions that users might have to facilitate and is designed to optimize the experience all of our valued clients will have.

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  Getting Started:
The first thing you want to know is where you are in NetRooms.NET. This web site is organized into sections. For example you are currently in the 'Help' section of NetRooms.NET and this is indicated by not only the topics that are covered but also on the screen at the top. This section is indicated by a lighter colored block and a black line around the block

The other indicator of site location is in the second menu bar at the top of the screen. The example on the right would indicate that you are in the 'Tours' section of NetRooms.NET and you will see information about, and be able to books tours.

Navigating NetRooms.NET:
The term 'navigating' is web-speak for getting around on a web site. Navigation on any web is done by clicking on a hyperlink. Hyperlinks are one of the unique aspects of web pages. In fact web pages are often created using HyperText Markup Language - thus HTML. Hyperlinks, or just links, join the pages of a web site together. NetRooms.NET links related pages together in fives ways: through menus, 'navbars', embedded text, graphic images, and lists. 

Menus in NetRooms.NET are almost always located on the far right and left sides of web pages. A 'navbar' is what you see at the very top and bottom of NetRooms.NET web pages. Embedded text links are always in bold, lead to another page, and when you move or hold your mouse pointer over them, change to a lighter color and become underlined if they are not already underlined. To the right is an example of embedded text from a description of Barstow California attractions and points of interest (POI's).
Embedded text:
With the mouse pointer over a hyperlink:
If a graphic image contains a link, there will be a note on the page it is used telling you this. Such the hand mouse pointer icon near the top of this page. Technically menus are lists. 
NetRooms.NET uses three other kinds of lists. We have hotel lists, topic lists and ad lists from our affiliates. A hotel list contains the name, address and information about a hotel or several hotels in a particular city or location. An example of a hotel list can found directly to the right.

These lists are probably the main purpose for your visit to NetRooms.NET because this where you find out about hotel rates, amenities, availability, and where you book a reservation. When you click on a hotel or motel name a page that shows you photos, more information about that property, a location map, and has places where you can enter the date you want to reserve a room on and the number of people who will be with you.

The other types of lists that NetRooms.NET uses contain information about locations, routes, tours, special deals from our affiliates, and help and other information.
Hotels lists:
Other topics:
     Finding hotels in a specific location.
     Finding a specific hotel.
     Finding the lowest rates. 
     Finding specific amenities such as pets allowed or airport shuttles.
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