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Nova Scotia Hotels
Nova Scotia is one of Canada's Maritime provinces. Nova Scotia is almost completely surrounded by the sea from the Atlantic Ocean on the east, the Bay of Fundy, and the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. North of Nova Scotia is Prince Edward Island and to the west is New Brunswick. The connection to the sea is attractive to visitors who seek high quality cuisine and off shore adventures. Camping, hiking, beach combing and biking are unique in this setting. Giving the place a European feel travellers to Nova Scotia travellers can see centuries old buildings, homes and roadsides.

The first permanent European settlement on Nova Scotia was founded by settlers from France in 1604 at what is now known as Acadia. In 1710 the British arrived in Nova Scotia and 39 years later moved the capital to Halifax where it remains today. Six years later the British expelled the French population many of which ended up in Louisiana to become known as Cajuns. Conflict in Nova Scotia did not end at that time. The next several years saw war after war as the British, French and Dutch contested the area. The First Nations group known as the Mi'kmaq were the original inhabitants of the area in and around Nova Scotia. As in the colonization of other parts of the Western Hemisphere the Mi'kmaq were marginalized and had little say in these conflicts.

The American Revolution impacted Nova Scotia because initially there was support for the revolution and some support for joining it. This changed when raiding and looting by American pirates.

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