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New Brunswick Hotels
New Brunswick is located in eastern Canada on the Atlantic coast. New Brunswick is bounded on the east by Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, on the west and north by Quebec and on the west by the US state of Maine. New Brunswick has a complicated history and because of diverse influences is an interesting place for visitors.

The first documented European expedition that reached New Brunswick was conducted by French explorer Jacques Cartier in 1534. Physical colonization of New Brunswick began in 1604 which began the French Colonial Period. The French Colonial Period came to an end after the French and Indian War when the British Colonial Period began. Many of the French inhabitants, known as Acadians, were displaced at this time and many of these people moved on to Louisiana becoming "Cajuns".

When the British took over New Brunswick became part of Nova Scotia. This changed after the American Revolutionary war when former colonists from the states took up residence in what would become New Brunswick. Wanting more control the colonists who moved from what was now the United States petitioned for land grants and in 1784 the colony of New Brunswick was founded.

The history of ethnic displacement and struggle in New Brunswick of the First Nations people, the French, and even of British colonists, has left a mosaic residue of diversity which provides travelers with a glimpse of history and culture. For visitors New Brunswick offers resorts and hotel accommodations that are on par with other places in Canada and around the world.

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