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On several levels Canada is one of the most diverse places in the world. Canada has a very diverse landscape, from the prairie in the central provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, north to the Arctic Circle, and from the west coast province of British Columbia to the Atlantic provinces of Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, Canada offers a lifetime of different experiences, environments and settings.

Culturally Canada contains and preserves groups from the Inuit in the north, French Canadians, diverse Native American groups, descendants of British and European immigrants, Chinese immigrants, and other immigrants from all parts of the world. Demographically Canada has some of the largest cities in North America and some of the most remote places anywhere.

Canada has a long, colorful and sometimes convoluted history. Canada was likely one of the first places encountered by the people of the First Nations. While many still lives in traditional ways the people of the First Nations also own and operate several of the top resorts here. There is, and was, a considerable diversity in the cultures of the First Nations from the Inuit in the north to the Pacific Northwest groups on the west coast to the groups who live in the Prairie Provinces, to the groups who live in the east central provinces, to the groups who inhabit the Atlantic coast provinces.

The appeal of the full range of the diversity in Canada presents travellers with opportunities that are unmatched by most places. Perhaps because Canada is so large tourists from different places are drawn to different parts of Canada. Some tourists are drawn to places because they are familiar such as French tourists traveling to Quebec and others are drawn to parts of Canada that are different from where they reside.

Because has so many places and parts that are different from one another travel experiences vary with wherever you get a hotel room. The quality, and that means different things to different people, of the hotels in Canada, in most places, tends to cover the range of conditions that are available in other places. Quality in a hotel is shown on this web site as its star rating. From the experience of this traveler even the different rooms in a hotel can have a "range" of quality. But again, quality means something different across the gamut of tourists who are seeking lodging.

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