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Hotels in Canadian Provinces and Territories
Canada has an understandably robust travel industry. Besides the necessary travel generated by business interests, Canada has a remarkably diverse set of natural and recreational attractions. In terms of recreational attractions winter sports such as skiing in places like
Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba come to mind. Recently the Winter Olympics were held in Vancouver British Columbia and this brought the worlds focus on that area and the excellent accommodations and skiing that are available there.

Canada also has a remarkable diversity of cultures. From the Native American to the Inuit and to the French Canadian culture centered in
Quebec Canada also has a lot to offer the cultural tourist. Cultural and historical diversity is also reflected in places like the Atlantic Coast provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island. For more adventurous tourists the Northwest Territories and Yukon offer history and the pristine environments of the north.

One of the most diverse and the most populated province of Canada is
Ontario. Ontario is Canada's second largest province in area and is has over forty percent of the total population along and has its largest city, Toronto.

The hotels in Canada are both world class and they often have a distinctly Canadian charm. Travellers will find familiarity in available lodging, if desired, from the same major hotel chains that are extant in the US such as Best Western, Days Inn, Comfort Inn, and almost all of the other chains found throughout the world.

There are also some regional differences in the nature of the lodging in Canada. These are not differences in the quality of the hotels found anywhere in Canada. The differences are due to location and to some degree history and heritage. For example, hotels in the eastern part of Canada will sometimes exhibit a European charm. However, in most of the Maritime Provinces the heritage would be more British and in Quebec hotels would have more of a French heritage. On the west coast in places such as Vancouver there is a hint of European charm but the place has more of what can be called a Canadian flavor that is distinct in its own way. In the prairie and Rocky Mountain provinces local distinctions also make their mark on the hotels found there.

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